There are few things in life more painful than dental pain and discomfort. Tooth pain is still the top reason people seek dental treatment. In some instances, your pain may be so great that you need an emergency dentist to get immediate relief. However, if the reason for your tooth pain is a serious underlying condition, the pain will continue until the problem is corrected. If you have a dental emergency, call Dr. Hwang at Eten Dental right away. Eten Dental office in Bayside, NY offers same-day dental care for emergencies. We can relieve the pain and create a plan to fix the underlying condition as fast as possible.


How do you know when you have a dental emergency? The first indication is severe pain. The sudden-onset of dental pain can confuse you, since it is not always clear where the pain is coming from. Not knowing can provoke anxiety, which only adds to a patient’s discomfort. Thankfully, Dr. Hwang has significant experience in treating dental emergencies. Eten Dental handles many different kinds of emergencies, including:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Knocked Out Tooth
  • Cuts and Bites
  • Mouth or Gum Lacerations
  • Wisdom Teeth
  • Abscesses
  • Broken or Fractured Teeth
  • Loose Teeth
  • Loose or Broken Braces
  • Broken Jaw

Eten Dental can help you with all of these emergencies. Call Eten Dental right away to schedule an emergency, same-day appointment.

How to Handle an Emergency Situation

Most people have never thought about how to handle a dental emergency, so let’s look at the steps you should take if you or your child experience a common dental emergency.

Tooth Decay

If tooth decay has advanced and you have a loose tooth, we can stabilize your mouth right away and take action to remove the tooth or repair it. The dentist will also help you take better care of your teeth, to prevent further decay.

Knocked Out Tooth

Sometimes you can’t avoid losing the tooth. If possible, retrieve the tooth and place it into a cup of milk in order to save it. Alternatively, put the tooth back into the socket.

Try not to touch the root of the tooth, since that could result in additional damage. The goal is to keep the root intact. If you do, Dr. Hwang may be able to save the tooth.

Cuts and Bites

If you have been bitten or cut on the mouth, contact our office immediately. If your cut or bite is the result of contact with an animal, insect or person, you may be at risk of contracting bacteria. Call our office or visit the emergency room right away.

Lacerations to the Mouth or Gum

Lacerations, cuts and scrapes can cause pain. If you experience a laceration, clean the area thoroughly. If there is still bleeding, or if the cut is deep, then calling a dentist immediately is important. Sometimes a serous laceration will require stitches to close the wound.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that usually erupt in late teenaged years or in a person’s early 20s. it is not unusual for wisdom teeth to become an emergency, particularly if they are partially erupted. This can lead to inflammation or infection that becomes very painful. Wisdom teeth can also cause crowding in other teeth. Eten Dental is available for an emergency consult if you have a complication of wisdom teeth.


Do not touch an abscess on your gums or tooth. Do not try to pop it. This can cause even greater injury and a lot more pain. Call Eten Dental for an emergency appointment. When you see Dr. Hwang, he will drain the abscess, clean the area and provide treatment to ease the pain.

Loose Teeth

When you suddenly have a loose tooth, it is recommended that you see a dentist as soon as possible. Avoid touching or wiggling the tooth, since that may cause it to fall out. If you touch the area, you can cause an even worse injury. Call Eten Dental for an emergency appointment.

Broken and Fractured Teeth

Accidents happen and as a result, chips, cracks and fractures to the teeth may result. If you have an accident that results in damage to a tooth, then avoid touching the tooth and call Eten Dental for a same-day appointment. Dr. Hwang will pull out all the stops to save the tooth, including placing a crown on the tooth to protect it from more damage.

Loose Braces

When braces come loose, this can wreak havoc in the mouth. Try not to move them yourself or disconnect them from the teeth. Instead, make an appointment with Eten Dental and try to keep your mouth closed. Once you arrive in our office, Dr. Hwang will look at your braces and reattach them. In some cases, the braces may need to be replaced.

Broken Jaw

A broken jaw can cause serious pain. This is a true emergency and should be taken very seriously. Do not try to touch the jaw or manipulate the jaw joint back into place. This can cause further damage. Instead, put an ice pack on the jaw and then go to the dentist. If Eten Dental is closed, go to the emergency room.


Contact Eten Dental for Emergency Dental Care

If you are in extreme pain or appear to be experiencing a dental emergency, the best thing to do is call Eten Dental immediately. Dr. Hwang has had years of experience in treating people with emergency dental situations. He understands that you are in pain and that you are afraid of what may come next. Dr. Hwang offers same-day appointments in order to give you the help you need.

As soon as you experience an emergency, call our office. If for any reasons Eten Dental is closed, or it is after our business hours, you should visit the nearest emergency room.

Dr. Hwang and his dedicated team at Eten Dental care about your health and understand that dental emergencies can be scary. Call us today to handle your dental needs.

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